Market Overviews


Understanding your landscape.
Do you face challenges building awareness around your robotic program within your general market? Does negotiating the shifting technological
terrain overwhelm you? Do you wish your patients or surgeons thought, acted and communicated more decisively? Perhaps you are acquiring a new robot within the next year for another department, or setting up a satellite office in a neighboring city. Let MIS help you grasp the various aspects of the robotic surgery market and paint a clear picture of your place in it. Through our marketing overviews you can stop struggling and start moving toward those previously elusive goals.

For Hospitals

Using business intelligence analytics, our overview will provide the hospital with in depth market analysis featuring predictive modeling: robotic market trends, current hospital trends, pathology trends, population demographics, procedural adoption, new technology trends, revenue and reimbursement trends, and shifts in market share.

For Surgeons

Using business intelligence analytics, we provide an in depth and differentiated overview of the markets in the targeted specialties. We will work with you to determine the ideal case mix that will increase profitability and professional satisfaction.
We will also provide market statistics featuring predictive modeling in surrounding markets with limited to no robotic options for patients. We discuss the value that robotic surgery brings to your practice and the value that a surgeon with robotic skills brings to the hospital and the community.

For Manufacturers

Using business intelligence, our overview will provide the manufacturer with an insight into the robotic market and its implication on product offerings. This includes discussions on current hospital trends, pathology trends, procedural adoption, population demographics, new technology trends, revenue and reimbursement trends, and shifts in market share. Business intelligence also provides predictive modeling which enables multivariable analysis of market demographics years into the future.

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