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 Training Program Development

MIS can implement our High Density Training using our client’s content. We determine our client’s competencies and put them through the HD process. The client receives a concentrated, efficient training program, individual and team assessment analytics tools that reduce individual and team competency assessment from hours to seconds, and training program assessment analytics tools that reduce assessment time from days to seconds. Consequently, leaders can spend more time leading and developing subordinates instead of managing paperwork and spreadsheets to determine how to make their subordinates more effective. Our clients have enjoyed a 38% reduction in time to sales representative clinical and sales independence versus initial projections and previous experiences.   

Sales and Clinical Training

Our experience in conducting and evaluating sales force training on a variety of topics has been beneficial to the manufacturers in the robotic market, trying to enter
the robotic market, or seeking to increase revenue in the robotic market. MIS can enhance value synergy with the robotic manufacturer to make it easier for sales representatives to promote the product. Our clients receive objective and subjective analytics on the conduct of sales training, sales training content, and sales training instructors.

Content Development

MIS is able to assist in sales training content development, sales training content refinement, sales training module development, quick reference cards, procedure guides, anatomy guides, presentations, and training videos. MIS has a comprehensive video reference library with full length procedures, quick reference video clips designed for teaching specific tasks and demonstrating critical choreography. MIS is capable of creating original content to instruct the areas of anatomy, pathology, current procedure approaches, robotic procedure approaches, limitations and capabilities of different technologies. When Content Development is combined with Sales and Clinical Training evaluation, MIS can conduct real time content improvement to facilitate immediate course correction for our clients. We want our clients to have improved content by the end of each day of training.

Product Integration

MIS can develop a plan to integrate a product into a robotic procedure and into the robotic market. Most of our business partners have gone through this process with us over the last 9 years. We have developed the procedures that require their products and have expanded the use of those products by educating key opinion leaders (KOL) in the value of those products. Once the KOLs experienced the value of the products, they would promote the use of those products to surgical teams observing them or at professional conventions. Additionally, MIS can promote those products to our clients and to surgeons who are proctors and provide case observations for the robotic manufacturers. The end state is a faster
adoption across surgeons in the robotic space who have the most influence in their specialties. This translates to a faster sales cycle for those products.

Procedure Development

MIS has experience in new procedure development, converting open procedures to robotic procedures through protocol development, facilitating wet lab series, refining existing robotic procedures, redesigning procedures by integrating new technologies and products, and new training model analysis and development. We are able to take a product and develop a procedure from the very beginning. We can determine patient position, port placement, procedural steps, identify existing robotic instruments and accessories required to perform the procedure, identify non-robotic instruments and accessories that may streamline the procedure, and aid in determining future robotic and non-robotic instruments and accessories required to improve the procedure. We can facilitate business relationships with companies with product synergies in those procedures. Additionally, we have access to surgeon experts who have developed best practices in a variety of robotic procedures. These advisors are interested in application of new technologies and new products that can reduce procedure time, OR time, costs, LOS, blood loss, complications etc.

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