Surgeon Recruitment


Attracting and retaining top talent
surgeon recruitmentLooking to quickly compete in the robotic market? Want to be the first to create a successful advanced robotic cardiovascular and thoracic robotic program but don’t want to wait 12-18 months for the team to get through the learning curve? Trying to build a greater web presence through webcasting live procedures? Interested in conducting advanced symposium to share expertise with the other surgeons and institutions. Let MIS provide assistance in helping you find the right surgeon.

Candidate Recruitment

Hospitals looking to launch successful robotic programs quickly, often recruit experienced surgeons. Our extensive experience working with surgeons all over the United States provides our clients with the insight needed to make the right recruiting decisions. Hospitals may need a senior surgeon to oversee the development of the robotic program. Or, a hospital may be looking for an experience junior surgeon to augment a well-established surgical program in need of robotics. Also, some hospitals are looking to conduct advanced courses, conduct live webcasts of surgeries to increase web presence, or conduct multi-faculty and multi-team symposia. There are experienced robotic surgeons with similar goals and vision looking for the
right opportunity. Our extensive experience in this field has created relationships and knowledge that can help the recruiting hospital find the right candidate.

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