Services That Support Success

The rapid growth in robotic surgery encompasses thoracic, cardiac, gynecology, general, urology, orthopedic, and head & neck surgery. Delivering high quality results while reducing the amount of time patients spend in post-operative care are factors essential to the success of an advanced robotic surgery program. However, the pathway to building a successful advanced robotic surgery program is challenging and filled with pitfalls. Unfortunately, it is no secret that there are programs that have started and stopped using robotics in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. We provide the types of services that greatly enhances of the potential for the success of your robotic surgery program.

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Advanced Program Dev.
  • High Density Training
  • Film Study
  • Surgeon Recruitment
  • Manufacturer Services
  • Sales & Clinical Training
  • Content Development
  • Product Integration
  • Procedure Development

Working together, we can help you create a successful, clinically autonomous advanced robotic surgery program.

The Benefits You Receive:

Our services enable our clients to gain a substantial competitive advantage by:
  • Getting an in depth, honest view of the status of their robotics program
  • Gain a unique view of their internal and external markets that provides transformational insight
  • Locating, attracting and consolidating high value patients
  • Maximally leveraging advances in technology in higher reimbursing specialties
  • Providing Best in Class techniques at program inception
  • Using the latest in training methodologies to decrease time to team mastery of advanced robotic procedures
Our expertise in robotics enables you to reach efficiency and clinical autonomy in your robotic program more quickly and across a broader range of specialties than your competition.

The Hospital’s choice…

Our primary commitment to our hospitals is to develop successful, clinically autonomous robotic programs.

Our hospital services begin with a comprehensive overview of the local and adjacent markets, initial and training assessments. We offer implementation, evaluation and revenue cycle enhancement services which streamline the launch of your program and maximize your return on investment. Finally, we offer programs that expand the number of surgical procedures you offer the community thereby driving more patients to your hospital.

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Advanced Program Development

The Surgeon’s choice…

Our proven expertise in robotics enhances your skills and enables you to grow your practice.

Our services range from a comprehensive market overview, training offerings that develop comfort, confidence, and competence with your team, and advanced training that expands the surgical procedures you offer to the community.

  • Cardiothoracic Basic Training
  • Advanced Cardiac Training
  • Advanced Program Development
  • Surgeon Recruitment

The Manufacturer’s choice…

Our access to hospitals and robotic surgery experts reduces sales cycles for existing and future products.

Our services range from a comprehensive market overview, training offerings that develop client and representative comfort, confidence, and competence with your product. Our services also provide streamlined procedure and product development by expedited access to robotic surgeon experts.

  • Sales and Clinical Training
  • Content Development
  • Product Integration
  • Procedure Development