Advanced Program Development

Navigating new terrain.

Advanced Program Development is the cornerstone of our service offerings. It is the execution phase resulting from the comprehensive assessment. MIS conducts High Density training and Film Study to increase and sustain the team’s C3 (Comfort, Confidence, Competence) thereby significantly reducing time to autonomy. Upon achieving autonomy, MIS works with the client to create a Precision Marketing plan designed to inform and educate the population in primary and secondary markets of the new robotic surgery offerings.

High Density Training

Our High Density training program builds comfort, confidence, and competence in all facets of robotic surgery. Surgical teams that are comfortable and confident with themselves, with each member of the team and with the technology will continue to offer robotic procedures that reach a wider patient demographic.

Competency Based Training and Analysis

Our High Density training program features competency based, objective training and assessment. Team members develop evidence-based competencies to a level of clinical autonomy that they are used to enjoying in their routine procedures. Competency based training facilitates onboarding of new team members ensuring the sustainment of team clinical autonomy.

Film Study

Surgical video analysis has proven to be an integral technique of reducing learning curves. MIS has a Video Reference Library accessible to our clients. Additionally, MIS helps our clients develop their own Video Reference Library thereby learning to sustain C3. Studying surgical videos significantly decreases the amount of time it takes for surgical teams and sales representatives to learn and master best practices from recognized robotic surgeons. Film study also enables teams to develop their own best practices as they combine established best practices with their established successful techniques and processes.

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