Navigating New Terrain

Human capital development is the core of what MIS does to build successful robotic surgery programs across the globe. Our customized Team Development Plans are based on proven processes that have helped teams develop world-class robotic surgery programs in the largest to the smallest hospital systems. We have procedure metrics and key performance indicators from the best-in-class programs that are used to evaluate how rapidly new teams are progressing through the plan. From the onsite training sessions we develop and refine numerous skills to prepare teams for Advanced Courses and subsequently actual procedures. We support the team until clinical and technical autonomy is achieved. After the team has achieved autonomy, we assist the client to build a marketing plan. 

Team Development

Our Team Development Plans are customized to build your team’s abilities to successfully translate your open and minimally invasive surgical choreography to robotic. The customized approach significantly reduces the learning curve and cost without increasing risk or compromising quality, safety, accuracy, and efficiency.

Competency Based Training and Analysis

We apply key performance metrics compiled since 2004 as benchmarks for our robotic teams. We focus our training to ensure teams develop the core skills needed to perform very well during the first case and beyond. As teams progress through the customized team development plan, they routinely achieve benchmark performance in half of the time.

Objective Metrics and Performance Reporting

We provide performance reports to our teams during the training process and after every 5 cases. The objective performance metrics proves how well our teams are performing as they prepare for the first case. Performance analysis is the cornerstone of efficient and rapid improvement through the learning curve.


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