Creating Advanced Robotic Surgery Programs in More Hospitals Around the World.

Our Mission

We help our hospitals create successful advanced robotic surgery programs through comprehensive team development, cutting-edge blended training and performance analytics.

Our Vision

To transform the face of healthcare for our clients by creating successful advanced robotic surgery programs and training programs.

Advancing your Robotics Program

Minimally Invasive Solutions is the nation’s first robotic surgery consulting firm with a comprehensive focus on cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. We specialize in creating and expanding cardiovascular and thoracic robotic surgery programs by partnering with hospitals and surgical teams.


MIS helps hospitals create successful advanced robotic surgery programs through strategic planning, advanced robotic surgery programs and training programs.

Physicians and Surgeons

MIS partners with surgeons to develop and enhance their robotic skills through advanced training, simulated cases, surgeon-expert proctored cases through Global Medical and Surgical Robotics and procedure support to independence.


MIS works with medical device manufacturers to:

  • introduce and expand market share of essential technologies;
  • integrate technologies that optimize robotic surgical procedures; and 
  • develop surgeon and clinical sales professional training that improves quality, efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

Your Success is Our Mission.

Through our compartmentalized procedure analysis, MIS is able to quickly identify strengths and areas that need support or additional training. Our clients achieve independence in 1/2 the time that it used to take 10 years ago without increasing risk or compromising safety.

Commitment to Giving Back

MIS has made a commitment to giving back to the community. We have committed 10% of our revenue to positively impact the community: 5% going to support our veterans and 5% to organizations that help youth go to and graduate from college.